Clear financial information that you can use

Organizations, big and small, live and die by the quality of the financial information they use to make decisions.  And technology hasn’t really changed this – there’s just more data that often brings no better insight into what drives an organization’s success.  Big organizations usually have the resources to acquire the financial tools to manage their business successfully, while smaller concerns imitate where they can.

With their uncertain funding, non-profits seem to struggle even more in managing their finances, particularly in today’s economic climate with donations and government funding sinking under pressure.  Compounding this, the staffs of many small organizations are bare bones, straining merely to deliver on their missions, much less finding the time to seek efficiencies in the use of their limited resources.

The production of clear financial information, tailored for the audience making decisions, is often time-consuming, so it drops on the priority list.  What is often needed is a fresh eye that can look at how resources – both cash and human – are used and find ways to simplify processes and information flow to enhance insight and accelerate decisions.


Ø      Accounting staff training/coaching
Ø      Accounting process automation
Ø      Audit coordination
Ø      Bank negotiations
Ø      Board financial governance training
Ø      Board financial package design
Ø      Budget development
Ø      Cash flow analysis – with focus on cash flow timing
Ø      Chart of accounts configuration
Ø      Debt restructurings
Ø      Financial & accounting policy development
Ø      Financial projections
Ø      Income/expense matching
Ø      Long-term financial planning
Ø      Program/product costing
Ø      Risk /sensitivity analysis