Expanding Resources for Nonprofits

Challenges faced by executive directors

You run an organization where everything seems to depend on you alone. You barely have enough time in the day to meet your mission-critical objectives. You know there has got to be a better way to use your limited resources.

When it comes to gaining control over your financial situation, a workshop or ‘how-to’ book just isn’t enough. You simply want someone to come in, listen to the issues holding you back and move the obstacles.

Solutions provided by Jennifer Knebel

I’m Jennifer Knebel, and I’ve been helping small organizations overcome their resource limitations – whether cash or human – for many years.

I do this by bringing clarity to the financial information you, your staff and your board needs to make timely decisions. I fill the gap in your ‘finance department’ when that may only contain a bookkeeper; this gap leaves you playing roles that divert your attention and energy from your driving your organization forward.

Let me tackle the budget that won’t balance, design the financial reports the board will understand, extract meaningful information from your accounting system or help you think through your financial planning process. So your time is better spent pursuing your mission.