Financial tools for non-profits

As a Wharton MBA with 10 years of Wall Street experience in corporate finance, I was especially interested in working with financially troubled companies that were grappling with how to manage their suddenly more severely limited resources.

With such clients, investment bankers are somewhat limited to working only with the right-hand side of the balance sheet (the capital structure).  I viewed their financial straits more holistically, seeing the need to diagnose the left-hand side, where the assets were (or were not) generating enough cash to service the liabilities.  To be able to manage the whole picture, I turned my focus to working with small businesses.

In the years I have spent working with small organizations, both non-profit and for profit, I have discovered that while the dynamics of each organization have been unique, the challenges have been similar.

Leaders of these organizations have to be able to see both the forest and the trees (even the twigs) – with little transition time.  Hence the value of clear, simple processes capable of delivering the right financial information at the right time to the right people.

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